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Over 50 years breeding Shrops

1st Place Get-Of-Sire at the 2016 Big E

1st Place Get-Of-Sire at the 2016 Big E | National Shropshire Show by Bearclaw: all March lambs out of yearling ewes

The Rife flock was started the fall of 1961 with a few older bred ewes from Lowell Douce. Productivity has always been our foremost emphasis. Through those formative years, two Hartzell rams, 66-67 and 70-31, each from Emil's high indexing sets of twins their respective year, really exploded the productivity trait for us. Twenty-five top females from the Newcomer flock gave us a boost in the late 70's and early 80's. Five Grand, Mamuth, and Lucky Strike continued moving us forward through the 80's. The use of the phenomenal Barnes stud ram 3-K from '91 to '96 kicked us into orbit.

Over the past two decade, six elite stud rams have redefined the image of Rife Shropshires and taken our program to the next level. Cornerstone, Raspberry, Flair, Breakthrough, Transformer and Madness have given us the "modern look" without sacrificing productivity. These rams cleaned up our front ends, squared up our hips, and gave us the meat we needed to compete. The daughters of these rams laid a foundation for our brood ewe flock to produce fantastic lambs year after year!

High Selling Ram 2016 Shropshire Classic

High selling ram at the 2016 Shropshire Classic | National Shropshire Sale by Madness - Thank you to Norm Jackson, Wayne Brooks, and Eddie Shippy for purchasing Warlock, Rife 16-054.

Our flock has consistently produced National Champions and, above all, sheep that perform for our customers, not only in the show ring, but also, more importantly, in their flock. At Rife Shropshires, we continually strive to produce sheep with style, breed character and grow-ability. The genetic base that our flock now maintains gives buyers the confidence for the predictability they deserve.

Champion Shropshire Ewe at The New York State Fair

Our pair of ewe lambs from the 2016 NAILE Open Shropshire Show. These two powerful females are sired by Dancing Bear and are half sisters to Bone Chiller who we used heavy to breed ewe lambs last year.

focused on shropshire breed type

  • 1
    White Wool
    Shropshires should have a full cap of white wool on their heads and ideally white channel wool on their face. Their legs should have white wool below the knees and hocks down to just above the pasterns.
  • 2
    Ear Length & Color
    Shropshires should have relatively short ears that are medium to narrow in width and thin in texture. The color of the ears and face should be brown to light black. Ear length and texture vary, but in our selection process we try to eliminate wide and long droopy ears. Jet black color or white on the ears and face are also not desirable characteristics.
  • 3
    Shape Of The Nose
    Shropshires have very distict facial characteristics. A short, straight or dished nose is prefered. An outwardly curved nose often called a roman nose is unacceptable. It is important to understand that there is variance within flocks and that the most extreme cases should absolutely be elminated from your flock.
  • Champion Shropshire Ewe at The New York State Fair

    2016 Champion Shropshire Ewe at New York State Fair for Brendan Pimm. He purchased her from us at the 2016 Shrosphire Classic | National Shropshire Sale.

    2017 open Shropshire yearling ewes

    Beautfiul set of open yearling ewes including several Bearclaw daughters. The Bearclaw ewes have the best rump structures of any ewes we've ever raised!

ideal shropshire ewe and ram heads

1st Place Get-Of-Sire at the 2016 Big E

Best Headed Shropshire Ewe & Best Headed Shropshire Ram at the 2016 Big E | National Shropshire Show

  • Shropshire Yearling Ewe
  • Shropshire Yearling Ewe
  • Shropshire Yearling Ewe
  • Shropshire Yearling Ewe
  • Shropshire Ewe Lamb
  • Shropshire Yearling Ewe
  • Ironman - High Selling Ram in 2015 Family Jewels Sale
  • Champion Shropshire Ram 2015 NAILE Jr. Show
  • Double Shot - 1st Place March Ram and Best Headed Shropshire Ram at 2016 Big E
  • Shropshire Ram Lamb
  • Shropshire Ram Lamb
  • Shropshire Ram Lamb